Barba Escribá, Juan Luis

Institución: Departamento de Filosofía de la Universidad de Valladolid
Dirección: Plaza del Campus, s/n, 47011 Valladolid
Publicaciones 1
Docencia 2
Investigación 3
Conferencias 4
Alumnos 5

“Formal semantics in the age of pragmatics”, Linguistics and Philosophy (2007), 30, 637-668.

"Supervaluational free logic and the logic of information growth", en New Essays In Free Logic. In Honour of Karel Lambert, editado por Edgard Morscher y Alexander Hieke, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001, pp. 127-146

"Trees for Truth", Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic, 6 (2001), 1, pp.71B99.  

"Construction of truth predicates: approximation versus revision",  The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 4 (1998), págs 399B417.

"A modal reduction for partial logic", Journal of Philosophical Logic 22, págs 429‑435, 1993.

"A multidimensional modal translation for a formal system motivated by Situation Semantics", Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 32, 4, págs 589‑608, 1991.

"Two formal systems for Situation Semantics",  Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 33, 1, págs 70‑88, 1992.

"A representation of intuitionistic logic in partial information language", Logique et Analyse, 127‑128 (1989), 211‑214

"A modal embedding for partial information Semantics", Logique et Analyse 125‑126, págs 131‑137, 1989.

"A Modal Version of Free Logic", TOPOI 6, págs 131‑135, 1989.

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