Martínez Manrique, Fernando

Institución: Universidad de Granada
Dirección: Edificio de Psicología, Campus Cartuja, 18011 Granada (Spain)
Teléfonos: 958242098
Publicaciones 1
Docencia 2
Investigación 3
Conferencias 4
Alumnos 5

Artículos principales:

-Fernández-Castro, V. & Martínez-Manrique, F. (2020) Shaping your own mind: The self-mindshaping view on metacognitionPhenomenology anb the Cognitive Sciences

-Vicente, A. & Martínez-Manrique, F. (2016) The nature of unsymbolized thinking, Philosophical Explorations, 19: 173–187

-Vicente, A. & Martínez Manrique, F. (2016) The big concepts papers: a defence of hybridismBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 67: 59–88 DOI: doi: 10.1093/bjps/axu022

-Martínez-Manrique, F & Vicente, A. (2015) The activity view of inner speech, Frontiers in Psychology. 6:232. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00232

-Martínez Manrique, F. & Vicente, A. (2013) What is said by a metaphor: The role of salience and conventionality. Pragmatics and Cognition 21(2): 304–328.

-Vicente, A. & Martínez Manrique, F. (2011) Inner Speech: Nature and Functions. Philosophy Compass 6(3): 209-219

-Martínez Manrique, F. (2010). On the Distinction Between Semantic and Conceptual Representation. Dialectica 64(1): 57–78.

-Martínez Manrique, F. (2010). El estado de la filosofía de la psicología (Nota crítica). Teorema XXIX/3: 175-196.

-Martínez Manrique, F. & Vicente, A. (2010). What the…! The fragmentary nature of inner speech. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 17: 141-167.


Capítulos de libro:

-Martínez Manrique, F. (2014) "Systematicity and Conceptual Pluralism". En The Architecture of Cognition. Rethinking Fodor and Pylyshyn’s Systematicity Challenge. Editado por P. Calvo y J. Symons, pags. 305–334. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

-Vicente, A. & Martínez Manrique (2010). “Relevance Theory’s Atomistic Commitments”. En Explicit Communication: Robyn Carston’s Pragmatics. Editado por E. Romero y B. Soria, págs. 42-57. Houndmills, UK: Palgrave.

-Vicente, A. & Martínez Manrique (2010). “Lexical Concepts: From Contextualism to Decompositionalism”. En Meaning and Context. Editado por L. Batista y E. Rast, págs. 111-138. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

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