Conferencia "Progress by Enlightenment: Fact or Fiction?" por I. Niniluoto

Professor Ilkka Niiniluoto (University of Helsinki) gave his agora lecture "Progress by Enlightenment: Fact or Fiction?" at the Aboagora event in Turku on 16 August 2011. Further details on Aboagora at

Ilkka Niiniluoto is a Finnish philosopher and mathematician. He has worked as a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Helsinki since 1981. He is currently on leave from his position, serving as a Chancellor of the University of Helsinki. Niiniluoto has published widely on philosophy of science, for example on the foundations of scientific knowledge, epistemology and logic. He is the author of Critical Scientific Realism (Oxford UP 2002). He has also actively participated in the discussion on the future of Finnish university system.

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