Perspectives on Introspection and Self-Knowledge, Tuebingen (Germany), 3-4 Jul 2014

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CIN Games of the Brain Workshop
Perspectives on Introspection and Self-Knowledge: a Workshop with Alex Byrne

July 3-4, 2014
University of Tuebingen

Alex Byrne (MIT) has made substantial and influential contributions to the philosophical debate concerning the nature of introspection, the peculiar and privileged access we have to our own mental states. Having defended an inferential account of introspection across several different mental states, including belief, desire, thought, intention, and perceptual experience, he has been developing a unified account of introspection across all accessible mental states. Alex Byrne is visiting the CIN Philosophy of Neuroscience Group and the Philosophisches Seminar, University of Tübingen, for a two-day workshop (3-4 July) to discuss his views on the nature of introspection, transparency, and self-knowledge.

(*note switch of lecture from July 3 to July 4*)

3 July (Thursday)

10-12 Workshop I: "Problems of Self-Knowledge" (Melancthonzimmer)
             Discussant: Kateryna Samoilova (CIN Tuebingen)

14-16 Workshop II: "Recent Approaches to Self-Knowledge" (Schellingzimmer)
             Discussant: Hong Yu Wong (CIN Tuebingen)

4 July (Friday)

10-12 Workshop III: "The Puzzle of Transparency" (Melancthonzimmer)
             Discussant: Christoph Michel (Stuttgart)

16-18: KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Knowing that I am in Pain" (Raum X)


All sessions will be held at the Philosophises Seminar, Bursagasse 1, in downtown Tuebingen.


There is a discussant for each of the workshop sessions who will kick off the discussion with a short commentary. Byrne will respond, followed by general discussion. Participants will be expected to have read the relevant readings for each of the workshops.

We will provide all participants with the relevant chapters from Byrne?s manuscript, as well as some background material upon request (email to Katia Samoilova at

Participation is free, but please register by sending an email to

Please include your status and institutional affiliation when registering.

Hong Yu Wong, PhD
Group Leader
Philosophy of Neuroscience
Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
Otfried-Müller-Str. 25
72076 Tübingen, Germany
phone:   +49 (0)7071 29 89198

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