Villanueva, Neftalí

Institución: Universidad de Granada
Dirección: Facultad de Psicología, Campus de Cartuja sn. 18011 Granada
Teléfonos: 958246217
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Algunas de mis publicaciones de los últimos años: 

(1) María José Frápolli y Neftalí Villanueva (forth) Put Context First. Expressivism and Context-Dependence.  Frontiers in Psychology. Forthcoming

ASPECTOS MÁS DESTACADOS: Frontiers in Psychology is a Q1 scopus journal. JCR 2.8. We develop in this paper some of the ideas sketched in our Minimal Expressivism. Expressivism we claim, makes a very particular use of context. This feature can help in distinguishing expressivism from close, and yet very different views, like assessor relativism. 


(2)  María José Frápolli, Neftalí Villanueva (2012). Minimal Expressivism. Dialectica 66 - 4, pp. 471 - 487-

ASPECTOS MÁS DESTACADOS: Dialectica is an international journal, ERIH Int 1, SCImago Q1, 0,239 SJR impact, where international refereeing stantards of blind reviewing are applied. This paper contains some of the main results of our current research projects “Conceptos de orden superior. Una aproximación expresivista. FFI2010-15704”, financially supported by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Competitividad, and “Naturalismo y pragmatismo contemporáneos, HUM4099”, financially supported by the Junta de Andalucía. We defend a particular version of semantic expressivism for the meaning of intentional second-order expressions, and show how this approach can deal with some of the usual objections against expressivism, while keeping its explanatory power, and a singular niche in the literature.


(3)  Isidora Stojanovic, Neftalí Villanueva (2014) Mental Files, Blown Up by Indexed Files. Inquiry-An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy. pp. 1 - 15. (United Kingdom): 2014. ISSN 0020-174X


Inquiry is an international journal (SCImago Q1, 0,393 SJR impact). This paper discusses Recanati’s application of the mental files apparatus to reports of beliefs and other attitudes. While mental files appear early on in Recanati’s work on belief-reports, his latest book introduces the concept of indexed files (a.k.a. vicarious files) and puts it to work to explain how we can report other people’s attitudes and to account for opacity phenomena. Our goal is twofold: we show that the approach in Recanati’s Mental Files (Oxford University Press, 2012) departs significantly from his earlier proposals as well as from the very spirit of truthconditional pragmatics; and we argue that the indexed files approach, qua an attempt to provide a semantics for belief-reports, is untenable.


(4) Juan José Acero, Neftalí Villanueva (2013) Wittgenstein y la intencionalidad de lo mental. Análisis Filosófico. XXXII - 2, pp. 117 - 154. (Spain): 2012. ISSN 0326-1301.


Análisis Filosófico is an international journal, ERIH Int 2, where international refereeing stantards of blind reviewing are applied. In Philosophical Investigations and other postractarian writings Wittgenstein rejected the view of mind that holds Brentano’s Thesis. The rejection, specifically addressed against the claim that thoughts depict reality by containing representations that agree with it, denounces a grammatical confusion, that the objects to which thoughts would point to are shadows projected by our language’s grammar. Interpreters such us Hacker and Glock have pointed out that that confusion is mainly due to the effects of applying the analysis of non-psychological transitive sentences to the analysis of sentences that ascribe thoughts to agents. In this paper a much more complex view of Wittgenstein’s resources to reject Brentano’s Thesis is put forward. It is also argued that in his amended explanation of intentionality a number of requirements play a decisive rôle, namely those of semantic innocence, expressivism, systematiticity and the view of language as a vehicle of thought, that have been ignored up to now.


(5 Neftalí Villanueva (2014. Know thyself: A tale of two theses and two theories. Teorema XXXIII, 3: 1-17. 2014.


Teorema is an international journal where international refereeing standards are applied. ERIH Nat, SJR Q3. I apply in this paper the expressivist framework that we have developed over the years to the analysis of a certain kind of self-knowledge ascriptions. This essay was selected as a runnerup in the 2013 Teorema International Prize for young scholars.

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