Entry requirements

To have an official university degree. This degree may be Spanish or issued by a higher education institution belonging to the European Higher Education Area and must qualify the student to access master's level studies.  

Students with foreign higher education degrees not issued by the European Higher Education Area need them to be previously approved as equivalent to the Spanish degrees that grant access to the master's level studies, following the appropriate procedure provided for in the applicable regulations.   Notwithstanding all of the above, the universities may admit students holding degrees obtained according to foreign education systems without need for further approval upon verification that their level is equivalent to that of the corresponding Spanish Undergraduate degrees and that they grant access to master's level studies in the foreign country where they were issued.   In this case, students are to submit a request for equivalence. 

The headquarter for 2017-2018 is the University of Valladolid

This master’s degree gives direct access to the interuniversity PhD programme in Logic and Philosophy of Science.

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