Philosophy of Mind and Language

This module approaches several issues in the fields of Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology. Some of these issues, such as those related to meaning, intentionality and representation theories, are closely interrelated and appear in these three disciplines. However, the module will also deal with more specific theories and concerns related to communication, speech acts and pragmatics, on the one hand; and to the nature of the mind itself and the definition of psychological states, or to cognitive models and their applications in the field of artificial intelligence, on the other hand; and, eventually, to normativity, justification, the epistemic role of perception, and demonstrative singular thought. Students will acquire specific knowledge about the determination of content, its corresponding psychological reality, and the relation between language and the world. They will also be trained in research, so that they can develop skills to analyse different aspects of theories and models of thought, and their practical links to cognitive sciences.

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The headquarter for 2017-2018 is the University of Valladolid

This master’s degree gives direct access to the interuniversity PhD programme in Logic and Philosophy of Science.

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