PhD fellowships in Philosophy (Semantics or Metaphysics, Topics (A): The natural/artificial distinction)

PhD fellowships in Philosophy (Semantics or Metaphysics, Topics (A): The natural/artificial distinction)

Padua University

Padua, Italy


The call for applications for 1 fully funded PhD fellowships (32.520 per year — gross amount) within the PhD Course in Philosophy of Padua University is now available at: 
The research topics of the PhD. Fellowship are on semantics and metaphysics. Research topics could be on: 
Semantics of Natural and Artifactual Kind Terms
The Metaphysics of Natural Objects and Artifacts and of their Kinds
Deadline for applications: 8 March 2022, at 1 pm CET (Italian time zone).
What does UNIPhD offer?
UNIPhD offers a brand new International, Intersectoral, Interdisciplinary and Innovative “training through research” PhD-programme. It involves 25 PhD-Courses covering all scientific domains: 8 in Life Sciences (LS), 10 in Physical Sciences and Engineering (PE), 5 in Social Sciences and Humanities (SH), 2 cross-domain PE-LS. Overall, 50 full time fellowships are available. Each fellowship is associated to a research topic, that is a framework within which every applicant has to propose an original research project.
How to apply?
Candidates must apply online through the PICA platform They can present only 1 application, choosing from 1 out of the 50 available research topicsWhen writing the proposal, applicants should carefully consider the UNIPhD Guide for applicants.
Information & Contacts
See the UNIPhD web page for additional detailed information on the application procedure and the PhD-programme: UNIPhD Management Team:
Who can apply?
At the date of the call deadline, applicants of any nationality are required to meet the following criteria: Mobility. They should not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the call deadline. Qualification. They should hold a Master’s degree or another academic qualification recognized as equivalent to a second cycle degree in the framework of the Bologna process, allowing to embark on a PhDCourse in the country where the degree was obtained. The academic qualification should be obtained by and no later than 30 September 2022. Early Stage. They should not have already been awarded a doctoral degree and must be in their first 4 years (or full-time equivalent) of research experience.
When to apply?
The UNIPhD call for proposals opens on 11 January 2022 and closes on 8 March 2022, at 1 pm CET (Italian time zone).
Selection timeline
An open, transparent, and merit-based selection, fully aligned with the Charter & Code policies for researchers’ recruitment, will be guaranteed as to appoint the best candidates. The evaluation process will last 16 weeks. Final results will be published in July 2022.
UNIPhD Fellowships
Starting date: 1 October 2022
Type of research: Bottom-up
Type of projects: Individual
Funding period: 36 months (3 years)
Secondments: UNIPhD fellows have to carry out 2 secondments, one of which mandatory, for a period of min. 3 – max 18 months, and each of them labelled
with (at least) 1 of the 3 i’s (international, interdisciplinary, intersectoral). Two secondment options must be included in the proposal. See the UNIPhD web-page for possible secondment destinations.
Supervision arrangements: candidates have to develop their research project in collaboration with a
UNIPhD supervisor. Contacts are available on the UNIPhD web page.
What does the funding cover?
UNIPhD fellows will sign with the University of Padua an employment contract (“Assegno di ricerca”), which covers the whole duration of the project, includes compulsory social security coverage and social benefits, and is tax-exempt.
The UNIPhD fellow salary amounts annually to €32.520 (gross amount) and comprises a Living and a Mobility allowance. A Family allowance is assigned to students that are eligible at the time of recruitment.
Each UNIPhD fellow will have access to a budget covering research, training and networking costs.
Please, circulate as widely as possible.
Massimiliano Carrara
Massimiliano Carrara,
FISPPA Department - University of Padua
P.zza Capitaniato 3, 35139 Padova (Italy)
Floor 3 - Stair C - room number: 45
tel. +39 0498274749
fax: +39 0498274701


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