SLS Summer School in Logic 2015, July 27-31

Noticias Generales

Dear Colleagues,

Please tell your students that we still have places left in the SLS Summer School in Logic 2015, taking place in Helsinki July 27-31.

We also have funding for students, from various sources (including the ASL).

Courses in Logic and Quantum Information, Proof Theory and Proof Mining, Reflection Principles and Large Cardinals, Logical Completeness (its history and philosophy), Classification Theory, Order-Invariant Logics, and Automata-Theoretic Verification are taught by:

Samson Abramsly, Jeremy Avigad, Laura Fontanella, Curtis Franks, Asa Hirvonen, Nicole Schweikardt and Moshe Vardi.

Course descriptions can be found here:

Note that the meeting is co-located with the LC2015 and the LMPS, both taking place in Helsinki August 3rd-8th:

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,
Juliette Kennedy

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