This postgraduate interuniversity degree is offered by the following universities and centres:

University of Salamanca 

University of Santiago de Compostela 

University of La Laguna.

University of Valladolid

University of A Coruña

University of Valencia

University of Granada

Institute of Philosophy (Spanish National Research Council - CSIC) 


The participant departments are:

Department of Philosophy and Logic and Philosophy of Science of the University of Salamanca

Department of Logic and Moral Philosophy of the University of Santiago de Compostela

Department of History of Philosophy and  Science, Education and Language of the University of La Laguna

Department of Philosophy of the University of Valladolid

Department of Humanities of the University of A Coruña

Campus of Esteiro, Ferrol

Institute of Philosophy (Spanish National Research Council - CSIC)

Department of Philosophy 1 of the University of Granada

Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science of Valencia


Obdulia Torres (University of Salamanca): omtorres@usal.es

Concepción Martínez Vidal (University of Santiago de Compostela):  mconcepcion.martinez@usc.es

Amparo Gómez Rodríguez (University of La Laguna): agomez@ull.es 

María Caamaño (University of Valladolid): mariac@fyl.uva.es

Wenceslao J. González (University of A Coruña): wencglez@udc.es

Jesús Alcolea Benegas (University of Valencia): Jesus.Alcolea@uv.es

Mª José Frápolli (University of Granada): frapollister@gmail.com 

Eulalia Pérez Sedeño (Institute of Philosophy, Spanish National Research Council - CSIC): eulalia.psedeno@cchs.csic.es


The headquarter for 2017-2018 is the University of Valladolid

This master’s degree gives direct access to the interuniversity PhD programme in Logic and Philosophy of Science.

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